Legal Text Translation Services in Jakarta

Legal Text Translation Services

Anindyatrans Provider of Legal Text Translation Services in Jakarta, both in writing and verbally, to English for legal agreements, court exhibits, police examinations, as well as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thailand, Vietnam, Spanish, German and Italian.

Legal Text Translation Services, Translation Services in Jakarta
Legal Text Translation Services

Language and law are elements that always accompany human beings throughout the course of history of their civilizations. In this case, the fact that humans are social creatures that cannot live just by interacting together with their own groups increasingly establishes the roles of linguists in playing their part as the bridge of international relations, including the spread of legal system of a nation to other nations through translation.


Translation Services in Jakarta

A practice that has been discussed for centuries. One of the most famous evidence in this field is the peace treaty between Egypt and the Hittites Empire (ancient Anatolia, now included in the territory of Turkey, Syria and Lebanon) in 1271 B.C. as well as the translation of Corpus Juris (Iuris) Civilis to a number of languages following its first translation to Greek.

Translation Services in Jakarta

Legal Translation Services in Jakarta have been particularly studied in the terminological perspective. In this case, the emphasis falls on the question of how terms in the source language of a legal system can be conveyed in the equivalent thereof in the target language of another legal system. Moreover, legal linguistics has shown that information system no longer occurs in the context of legal system but also in two most influential technical language systems, i.e. FIRST: the question of conditions in which the legal text in the target language (TL) corresponds to the legal text in the source language (SL), where the equivalence requirements must be ascertained in the context of a language system. SECOND: specific issues to be resolved, depending on the source language (SL) being translated to the target language (TL).
However, a legal system with a number of institutions developing from time to time only represents one challenge from a number of existing challenges for Legal Translation. The language system itself with the syntactic and semantic applications that put a certain demand for translators as well as creating limitations on translation activities.
Finally, as with the existing laws throughout the course of human civilizations, language will always attach to any drafting, enactment, implementation, enforcement and study of legal text. In this case, legal practitioners and Legal Translation practitioners as well as interested parties in the use of legal text will always synergize to reinforce the Legal Translation activity as an activity that always exists throughout the course of history of the human civilizations.
(Summarized from the Comparative Law and Legal Translation, The European Legal Forum 1-2003, pp 1-60, 3rd Year Jan/ Feb.2003).

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